This book brings together the knowledge and wisdom of high tech Indian entrepreneurs from around the world and provides a roadmap for building great companies. It explains the “nuts & bolts” of the entrepreneurial world and gives an insight into the innovative and successful management skills utilized by them. The book highlights the strengths and thought processes of each entrepreneur as applied to their success. In addition it showcases the effective habits of these successful people. This is a book about entrepreneurial management. It’s about leadership. It’s for all of us who work succeed in our lives. The twenty four individuals/ minds interviewed in this book includes: the father of the Pentium chip, president of Bell Labs, MD of Mckinsey, No 1 VC in the World, founders of Sun Microsystems, Sycamore, Exodus, Cirrus Logic, Hotmail, Cerent, Siara, CEO’s of AMD, Alcatel, and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

The Entrepreneurial Connection

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